Baby Ddrops® Liquid Vitamin D 400IU 2.5ml (90 drops)


  • Easy-to-use liquid drop.
  • Made with only ingredients, vitamin D3 and fractionated coconut oil (MCT).
  • Recommended intake in just one tasteless drop.
  • Free from preservatives, additives, artificial flavours, colours and common allergens.


Baby Ddrops®

Each drop provides 400 IU of vitamin D3. Baby Ddrops® is specifically designed for healthy infants and children, including breastfed infants.

  • Supports vitamin D levels in the body in breast fed healthy infants and when sun exposure is inadequate in children.
  • Assists healthy bone growth and development and teeth development in healthy infants and children.
  • Supports healthy immune system function and muscle function in children.


Each drop (28 microlitres) contains:

Colecalciferol (Vitamin D3) 10mcg (400IU)

How to use

For infants to 1 year and up: Place 1 drop daily onto mother’s nipple or on a clean surface, such as washed finger, and allow baby to suck for at least 30 seconds. Or mix one drop daily with milk, juice or other food and consume immediately. Give one drop, once daily.