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Meals blending

Ingesting unique nourishment together can often help our bodies soak up and make use of one (or both) of these nutrients and vitamins much better than whenever we would try eating them alone. By way of example, once we try to eat calcium supplement, our bodies can process it greater when that calcium supplement is combined with supplement D. Even though we go large all around health advantages of having both calcium supplements and supplement D single, combing them together provides a greater bang for your bone tissue-health-buck. Another nutrient which our systems obtain a even bigger increase when consuming vitamin supplement D is vitamin K.

Vitamin K

Vitamin supplement K can be a fat-soluble nutritional much like vitamin D. Fat-soluble vitamins mean that are stored into the fat cells of our bodies so that we can pull from those stores when we need them. Our bodies use vitamin K to produce a protein called prothrombin, among other things, prothrombin plays a crucial role in our bone formation, bone density, and bone strength. Because of its role in creating and maintaining strong bones, adequate vitamin K is also attributed to helping to prevent bone fractures and osteoporosis. Sound familiar? Maybe a little bit like what vitamin D does? Close! These two vitamins, along with calcium, work together to make our bones the healthiest they can be.

Bone Health Trifecta

Supplement D, vitamin K and calcium mineral all interact to build solid your bones whilst keeping those bone fragments healthier. We get a ton of overall health benefits from each of these nutrients separately. But there is a unique bone health miracle that happens when we pair them all together. Some foods actually already have this magic trio in them for you already like eggs, making them a great way to start your day. Other meals will need you to pair some foods together like spinach or kale with salmon; the perfect dinner combo! Pair together one of each of these items to make other great bone-healthy meals.

For Vitamin K: kale, kale, chard, romaine, broccoli, brussels sprouts, ovum, fowl, or pork

For Nutritional D: ovum, salmon, fortified milk products, fortified cereal products, along with a vitamin supplement D health supplement

For Calcium: salmon, almonds, broccoli, kale, spinach, dairy products (like milk products, natural yogurt, cheddar cheese)

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